We were rehearsing it, and they were changing my line a bit, and I said something like “Paul Brittain in the motherfreakin’ house”. And they took that out, and then Paul McCartney was like, “No, I think you should keep in the ‘motherfreakin’.” Then everyone was like, “Okay, great!” and then as we were walking out of the studio, he tracked me down and tapped me on the shoulder and was like, “I just thought that was really good, so I wanted them to keep that in.” (x)

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Tina Fey is the living proof that there really is hope for all of us

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okay here’s what’s getting me about all this. live from new york is, for all intents and purposes, somewhat of a history book about saturday night live. while some stories are told in different orders, perspectives, or contexts, this is an authentic account of forty years of television. so bill hader and john mulaney have literally made history with stefon and now it’s been acknowledged, documented, and published for everyone to see.

in twenty years, some bored kid is going to turn on his or her tv and see saturday night live, whether it be a brand new episode or an old rerun, and that kid is going to fall in love. that kid is going to watch old episodes and features and read books and see stefon the way fans now see the wild and crazy guys or the spartan cheerleaders and know that bill hader and john mulaney are responsible. and the fact that we’re getting to watch that happen is really really remarkable to me.

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favourite studio ghibli movies (2/5)
↪ Grave of the Fireflies 

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(2/5) Favorite Relationships » Setsuko & Seita

“Why do fireflies have to die so young?”
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I was hooked. He’s like a drug.

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At the time of this family meeting, 2,000 rupees was 36 dollars.

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Hard to describe Frank.

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